How to Make Yourself Throw Up – Tips and Remedies

How to Make Yourself Throw Up – Tips and Remedies

Queries to know how to make yourself throw up? For a few people, throwing up is too revolting and most people can’t even think about it. But, throwing up can be necessary sometimes, particularly when you just got food poisoning or dyspepsia. Studies discover that sensing nausea is one of the parts of biological resistance mechanisms. It suggests that our body will receive a sign whenever there is something faulty with our stomach.

Throwing up or vomiting can beneficial to get freed of any poisonous or toxic elements from your body. What if you do not think like throwing up but you know something is not normal? The best solution is, you should discuss it with a doctor first. A doctor is the fittest person to ask when there is something amiss with your stomach. In different words, do throwing up only when you are guided by your doctor.

Why Throwing Up? 

Nobody in a healthful situation should ever attempt to throw up, that’s what is later described as forceful vomiting. It is right that throwing up can benefit to reduce stomach problems because of drinking alcohol, food poisoning, or dyspepsia. But, overpowering to throw up for weight loss is a different scenario.

When one is deciding to drop weight without a physician’s guidance by inducing vomiting, it can point to dangerous difficulties that can endanger life. Moreover, it can also influence ones’ psychological situation. Therefore, it’s completely suggested to discuss with a medical specialist when you have such plans of losing weight.

Now, what are the safest ways to make yourself throw up when you have received your physician’s permission? In this guide, we have placed down some ways how to make yourself throw up in some most natural and quickest ways.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up
How To Make Yourself Throw Up

How to Make Yourself Throw Up: Most Natural Ways

Try Deep Breathing 

Practice deep breaths by exhaling air by your nose including your lungs. Your stomach should increase as you breathe in. Breathe gently through your mouth or nose and rest your belly after each inhalation. Copy this several times. The study reveals exercising deep, controlled exhalations from the diaphragm stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. These benefits keep the natural response that causes motion sickness in check. Deep breathing also aids calm stress that may happen when you are feeling unwell.

Baking Soda

Combine a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and pour it down. Baking soda has been used to cause vomiting. One of the common side outcomes of consuming too much Baking soda is vomiting and nausea. Throwing up is surely exhausting. To aid your body heal after a session of throwing up, you can follow the tips listed at the bottom.

Drink More Fluids

If you are throwing up a lot, it’s crucial to take lots of fluids to aid stop dehydration, even if you vomit some of them back up. Drink the fluids slowly. Taking too much when your stomach is unsettled may create more vomiting. Liquids that improve hydration and may reduce vomiting are:

  • Mint Tea
  • Ginger Ale
  • Lemonade
  • Water

You can also absorb ice pieces to stay hydrated.

Warm Salt Water

Add one or 2 teaspoons of salt to a glass of water. Drink this saline liquid in a single gulp. This needs 25-30 minutes, and you can use your finger to hurry up the method. Salt includes sodium, too much of which can make a shift in the natural electrolyte stability of your body, by inducing you to expel the water.

With a Toothbrush

This process is precisely the same as the finger technique, and this may work better if you do not want to use the idea of pricking your finger down to your throat. Try brushing the toothbrush upon the back of your tongue and you will be urged to vomit quickly.

Gargle with Egg Whites

Does viewing the title already upset you? Great, because when you attempt to swish the egg whites down your throat, it will make you crave to puke even more. The unique smell and flavor of the egg are offensive and make you throw up in no time. Even though it’s repugnant, this process is very efficient to get rid of the poisons in your stomach and thus aid you on how to make yourself throw up.


Gulping Coca-Cola that has run out of globules (carbon dioxide) every hour can make you nauseous and need to vomit. All you require to do is sip water as a follow-up after sipping Coca-Cola to start vomiting.

Coca-Cola that is just inaugurated may really be effective in treating an unsettled stomach, but if it has run out of gas, it is completely a different story. It has great sugar content, and your body cannot hold it. This creates it, along with other burdens, to be eliminated from your system.

Medications to Stop Vomiting

OTC (Over-the-Counter) remedies to prevent vomiting such as Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol include bismuth subsalicylate. They may serve to preserve the stomach lining and decrease vomiting provoked by food poisoning.

OTC antihistamines (H1 blockers) like Dramamine aid to prevent throwing up prompted by movement sickness. They work by blocking H1 histamine receptors liable for exciting vomiting. Side impacts of antihistamines may involve blurred vision, dry mouth, and urinary retention.

Things to Do After You Throw Up

  • Take a warm shower.
  • Blow your nose to kill any deposits of vomit from your sinuses.
  • Rinse with mouthwash to get freed of the sour smell.
  • Drink water to maintain yourself hydrated.
  • Consume juices such as cranberry juice to get rid of poor breath or the bittersweet flavor in your mouth, ginger ale to soothe your stomach, and ORS or Gatorade to rehydrate yourself.


Home treatments may be more effective if you have motion or morning illness. Throwing Up due to food poisoning or stomach flu may need medical consideration.

Remember to drink sufficient fluids to circumvent dehydration. Throwing Up is uncomfortable, but it normally settles itself within a day or so.