How To Beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go (April 2022)

If you are a pro player of the Pokemon Go game, you will know how to find and beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go. But for a beginner player, let’s go on to learn about Giovanni on its 6th anniversary in 2022. The Pokemon game keeps updated every month by continuous streaming updates and events, including new features. Additionally, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular additions in their game; The Team Go Rocket Bosses challenge the player for powerful NPC trainer’s rewards.

The GO Rocket is just as evil as all the other variants of Team Rocket in the Pokemon franchise. Moreover, Giovanni, the boss of Team GO Rocket, sits at the top of the sprawling criminal network. Giovanni is one of the most difficult Team GO Rocket trainers for players to conquer in Pokemon GO, which is why it’s necessary to bring the right team. The blog will guide you through all the parts of Giovanni Pokemon.

Introduction of Giovanni Pokemon

Giovanni is the head of the Team Go Rocket in Pokemon Go, and it is based on the character of the same name series. Giovanni always led with his signature Pokemon. And this is the one who has been at his side throughout all the games, movies, and more. However, Persian is a normal kind of Pokemon; that’s why this is weak to fight in the game. The move set is a combination of Normal, Dark, Rock, and Fairy moves, making it strenuous to counter.

Persian has a weakness in Fighting Pokemon, but Rock-type Pokemon can also be effective in a pinch. Machamp, Lucario, and Hariyama all use Counter moves to defeat Persian easily, as will Tyranitar and Terrakion Persian have a weakness in Fighting Pokemon. Still, Rock-type Pokemon can also be effective in a pinch. Machamp, Lucario, and Hariyama all use Counter moves to easily defeat Persian, as will Tyranitar and Terrakion using SmackDown. Let’s move to another section to beat and find Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

how to beat giovanni pokemon go
how to beat giovanni pokemon go

You must complete the first four stages of Pokemon Go’s Looming in the Shadows research in order to conquer Giovanni in the game. How have you found the Rocket Grunts so far using the Rocket Radar? Wow, you have got a Super Rocket Radar now! It works similarly to the normal Rocket Radar, except it shows the exact location of Giovanni.

The disguised Rocket Grunts at various stops will try to thwart your plans in the last-ditch effort. As a result, you need not defeat them all to uncover their disguises; simply spin each stop to find the real Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

How to Beat Giovanni Pokemon Go

How to Beat Giovanni
How to Beat Giovanni

After finding Giovanni, you have to be faced with one of the difficult fights in the game. He will engage up to two of your charged attacks. Giovanni use protects shield like the same three-team rocket leaders (Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo), which means you are playing with stronger Pokemon. However, Giovanni has three different Pokemon, but he starts with Persian. And he uses his three Pokemon for his second choice, followed by legendary Pokemon. The following are the best counters for all the Pokemon, and it includes optimal move sets:

The following Pokemon Go Giovanni counters are Persian, Kangaskhan/Nidoking/Garchomp, and Ho-Oh.

  1. Persian Counter

Persian is the weakest Pokemon in three of the face, and it is a good opportunity to charge up your strongest Pokemon, and it has to charge for the final Pokemon at the end of the battle. It is a normal type of beast that can be used for the following moves: Normal, dark, fairy, and rock.

Persian Counter
Persian Counter
Pokemon Moveset
Lucario Counter/Power-Up Punch
Machamp Counter/Cross Chop
Blaziken Counter/Blaze Kick
Poliwrath Mud Shot/Power-Up Punch
  1. Machamp Counters (Beat Giovanni)

After getting Persian, Giovanni will bring three Pokemon. The Fighting-type Pokemon Machamp is available for this time around’s Team GO Rocket boss. Additionally, Machamp is only vulnerable to Fairy, Psychic, and Flying-type attacks because it is Fighting-type. Thanks to Psychic types, trainers can go into battle against it with plenty of powerful ones. In case you do not possess any of these Legendaries, you can select Togekiss as an alternative. Below are our top counters for Machamp in Pokemon GO:

Machamp Counters
Machamp Counters
Pokemon Moveset
Mewtwo Confusion and Psychic/Psystrike
Alakazam Confusion and Futuresight
Espeon Confusion and Futuresight
Rayquaza Air Slash and Aerial Ace
  1. Golem Counters

Golem counter is the 2nd option for Giovanni to choose the second Pokemon. However, from the Kanto region – the Rock and Ground-type are strong like Machamp, and it has more weakness. On the other side, Golem is weak for water, grass, steel, ground fighting, and ice-type attacks. The water and grass-type attacks are more effective against Golem by following these objects. Trainers should bring Pokemon that use those moves in large numbers. These are some great ways to deal with Golem when going up against Giovanni:

Golem Counters
Golem Counters
Pokemon Moveset
Kyogre Waterfall and Hydro Pump
Feraligatr Waterfall and Hydro Cannon
Roserade Razor Leaf and Grass Knot
Breloom Razor Leaf and Grass Knot
  1. Cloyster Counters (Beat Giovanni)

Cloyster is Giovanni’s final option for his second Pokemon. Although Water and Ice-type Pokemon have good defences, you should be alright if you bring enough Pokemon that use Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Rock-type attacks. The following are some great counters against Giovanni’s Cloyster:

Cloyster Counters
Cloyster Counters
Pokemon Moveset
Lucario Counter and Aura Sphere
Mega Venusaur Razor Leaf and Frenzy Plant
Conkeldurr Counter and Dynamic Punch
Machamp Counter and Dynamic Punch
  1. Ho-Oh Counters

As Giovanni, the legendary character is rocking at the moment, so Rock-type moves are largely the way forward once again – Flying-type Legendaries have a lot in common. So, make sure you summon your strongest Tyranitar or Rhyperior to cause Giovanni pain.

Ho-Oh Counters
Ho-Oh Counters
Pokemon Moveset
Rhyperior SmackDown/Rock Wrecker
Golem Rock Throw/Rock Blast
Tyranitar Smackdown/Stone Edge
Terrakion SmackDown/Rock Slide

Getting Rewards After Beating Pokemon Go’s Giovanni

You can get a bundle of rewards for defeating Giovanni in Pokemon Go. The bundle comes with 5,000 Stardust, and various items, such as max potions and max revives. In addition, if you think that those rewards are not enough for you, there is a big reward here for you to beat Giovanni. A win also makes it easier to level up your Ultra Hero medal, which counts the number of times you have defeated Team Go Rocket’s boss. And this is a huge opportunity to catch legendary shadow Pokemon for April, Shadow Lugia.

You can get this medal and conquer Giovanni in Pokemon Go by leveling up the ultra-hero medal. We have listed more clothing that you can unlock by defeating him enough times. So, if you’re planning on kitting yourself out and assembling the ultimate team to take him down, then you might want to put some time and effort into this.

  • Defeat Giovanni 5 times + silver badge level = unlocks shoes
  • Conquer Giovanni 5 times + silver badge level = unlockspants
  • Defeat Giovanni 20 times + gold badge level = unlocksshirt
  • Conquer Giovanni 20 times + gold badge level = unlocksgloves

Wrapping Up 

The Giovanni counter in Pokemon Go will guide you about the new wave of battles against the Pokemon Go’s Giovanni. And the team go boss is the toughest battle in the whole mobile game. But prepare for your team with the best counter because it will help you to pursue defeating Giovanni. After defeating, you will get a bundle of rewards and other material to go on another level to beat another Giovanni-type Pokemon. I hope this guide will be helpful for you and the professional player or their team. Let us know if you are going to play this game according to Pokemon fame.