How to Change Instagram Icon (Secret to Unlock Hidden Icons)

Don’t you get annoyed with gazing at the old Instagram icon on your phone? If so, there is a technique to customize its look on your home screen. Hence, a broad range of variable icons is present to suit your theme and make your insta icon more aesthetic. This blog will walk you through how to change the Instagram icon on Android & iOS devices.

Although the Instagram icon is distinctive, like the rounded square, circle, and dot that express the impression of a classic camera with chic simplicity, Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday by allowing users to modify the app icon. You might be contented that if you want to alter the icon style, then Instagram has an option for you to do that too. So here on this blog, we will let you know how to modify the Instagram icon.

How to Change Instagram App Icons on iOS?

Instagram has added an undisclosed menu with only 13 app icons. So, if you prefer the classics, you can return to them now, but only if you use the most recent version. The steps below will help you modify the Instagram icon if you have iOS 14 or higher. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app & click the Plus (+) in the top right corner.
  • Click the three-dotted lines in the top right corner.
  • Tap on the “Settings” option from the pop-up window.
  • Scroll down from the top of the screen. So continue swiping until you see the end of the screen. You will see a line of emojis to lead your way as you get to the top. After that, you will see confetti once you make the end of the emoji.
  • Now, you are on the screen of the hidden app. Here you will see the list of Instagram icons.
  • Choose the icon you wish to set. Thus, you can select the classic Polaroid camera, original logo, or any other customized icons.
  • Next, the icon will be modified, and you will see a confirming message of the changed icon. So click on the “OK” option.
  • You will see the updated Instagram icon when you return to the screen.

How to Change Instagram App Icon on Android Device?

On Android, you would not simply modify the Instagram icon, but Android users have many other options for changing the icon using third-party apps. Moreover,  you can also use a different as per your choice. So let’s move to the steps to modify the icon on Android. So here, we will use an X icon changer to exhibit the process.

  • First, you have to Download X icon changer from the play store. Then, click and hold a blank space on your phone screen & in the drop-down option, choose widgets.
  • Next, move down to locate the X icon Changer. Click & hold the icon until the home screen emerges. Then choose where you wish the icon to move and let go of the screen.
  • After that, scroll down to find the list of apps downloaded on your phone & click on Instagram.
  • Choose the image you wish to use. Further, you can browse the several tabs of pre-made icons, so you can capture a picture or select a photo from the gallery.
  • When it’s done, then click on “Ok.”

Remember that you might have to wait for most of the icon-changers apps due to the occasional ads to finish these steps.

Using a Launcher to change the Instagram Icon

The other way to modify the insta icon or any app icon is to install a launcher. Moreover, it will allow you to customize the look of your phone. For instance, many launchers allow individuals to customize the icons, so the smart launcher, the most famous launcher, makes it quite simple to modify the icons. Here we will exhibit how you can do it.

  • Download the smart launcher from the play store.
  • Then, start the Smart Launcher for the first time & finish the initial setup. You will be given a chance to upgrade to one of the app’s premium subscription tiers, but you can choose from that & continue using it for free.
  • Now find Insta (the launcher will directly arrange the app onto the communication page). Click and hold the icon until the menu emerges, then select the “Edit” option.
  • Now, choose the icon you wish to set. Hence, you can upload it from the library. Moreover, the smart launcher comes with a collection of downloaded icons.

How to Modify the Color of the Instagram Icon?

Instagram is now a completely new version with many features such as Hashtag, Reels, Reels, and much more. As per the latest updates on how to modify the Instagram icon from Insta, Insta has given its users the ability to modify the icon color on their devices by just updating the app. Then, move to the settings & scroll down and find “icon color.” Here you can pick your preferred color for your icon. Aside from the incredible updates, it is also concluded that the various blocking options and censorship for sensitive and inappropriate content are sufficient to limit the sharing of such illicit posts.

What to do if Instagram Icon does not change?

It is essential to have the newest version on your devices for the amazing features to work. When you encounter that insta icon is not changing, try updating the latest version of the app. To upgrade the app, open the app store, select the icon, move down to the TopFree app section, and look for the insta free app. Then, click the icon to update it to the newest version.


Q1. Can I get back my old insta logo?

Ans. If you are unhappy with your new insta logo, then no worries, you get the old one back by applying the following steps. First, you have to view the app & open the profile, and tap on triple lines from the top left of the screen. Then choose “Settings” and move down until you find “logo.” Next, tap on that and then choose “Original logo.”

Q2. Why does my Instagram not allow me to change the icon?

Ans. The feature wills only function on the latest versions of the app. If you cannot locate the new icons, then the chances are that you have to update the app. To update the app, you have to open the app store & search “Instagram,” then tap the button labeled “Update.”

Q3. How to modify the icon color of Instagram?

Ans. In order to alter the color of your Instagram icon, you will have to follow some steps. First, view the Instagram app and * open your profile. Then, click on the triple lines in the top left of the app. Next, choose “Settings” and then “Profile.” last, move down & click on “Icon color” to select a new color for your icon.


Changing the Instagram icon is not a big thing; after its 10th birthday, Instagram allows its users to change the icon & its colors as per their choice. You can easily change it by following the above methods on your preferred devices. If you face any queries, ensure that you have updated the latest version of Instagram, as these features will not work on the earlier versions. Don’t forget to share your experience with us by commenting.