What is Alt F4 on Mac: All You Need to Know

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What is F4 on Mac?

In Mac, the key of F4 is mostly associated with system features, such as changing the screen’s brightness or the launchpad application’s opening. Moreover, F4 is also used for Mac for dual purposes such as playing and pausing the audio in MAXQDA. The option for this is as follows: System Preferences – Keyboard.

How to Turn on F4 on Mac?

In Mac, some shortcuts, especially in Excel are different. Such as, F2 is the shortcut of Edit Cell in Windows but in Mac, it is Control + U. While in Windows if you have to toggle in references of absolute and relative it should be F4 and on the hand, it is Command T in Mac.

How to Alt-F4 on the keyboard?

Alt + F4 does the same function in every Windows edition. Press the key of F4 and Alt simultaneously. Alternatively, press and hold the key of Alt and then tap the key of F4.

What is theOther Key for Alt F4?

The alternative of Alt + F4 is Command – W. However, this command only is used forthe current tab’s close down. To close down the application itself: Command – Q.

What does F4 do on the computer?

The key Alt + F4 is the shortcut of the keyboard that closes down the application currently running on the computer. The mere difference between Ctrl + 4 and Alt + F4 is the former closes down the tab while the latter closes down the operation.

what is the alt f4 equivalent on a mac
what is the alt f4 equivalent on a mac

Changing Windows shortcuts on a Mac?

Here is the difference between shortcuts in Mac and Windows:

Windows Mac
Closing a window Alt-F4 Command-W



Control-Alt-Delete Control-Command-Eject



Shutting down






Logging out Control-Alt-Delete



Switch between open apps Alt + Tab Command-tab
Go back Alt + Left arrow Command + Left arrow
Go forward Alt + Right arrow Command + Right arrow
Move up one screen Alt + Page Up Command + Page Up
Move down one screen



Alt + Page Down Command + Page Down

What does Alt + F4 mean?

Alt + F4 is the shortcut of the Windows keyboard to close anything currently ongoing. Meanwhile, laptop users, need to press an additional FN key to Alt + F4.

Where to find the power button of the MacBook Air?

The latest version of MacBook Air’s power button is called the Touch ID button which is present in the upper right corner of the keyboard. While on a MacBook PRO it is in the Touch Bar.

How to press F4 on MacBook Air?

Function keys can be used to access many system functions such as:

  • F1 or F2 for brightness keys
  • Mission Control key for F3
  • F4 for Spotlight Search
  • For Siri or Dictation press F5

What does Alt + F4 do on Zoom?

It closed down the current window.

What is F4 equivalent in Mac?

The answer will be Command – W. While in Windows it performs with the Alt + F4. But it closes the open window but not the complete application. For this, Command – Q. For other Mac shortcuts, visit System Preferences – Keyboard – Shortcut Tab.

How to explain Alt on Mac?

ALT key is the modifier key on Apple keyboards. On the keyboard of Mac, it is present in the middle of the Control and Command key. Also, there are two keys of options on the keyboards of Mac and Notebook.

What does Alt Button do on Mac?

For the last 3 decades, typically on many Mackeyboards, Alt has been plastered on the Option key. In macOS, it is known as the Option key. However, in non-Mac software like Windows or Unix, it is referred to as the same Alt.


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