Spore Cheats (Design Your Incredible Creatures)

Spore cheats will give you full control over your creations and the world they inhabit. If you have a set of cheats, it will award you extra money so you can keep spending or unbolting levels early. In this case, you can entirely change how the game looks and an entire load of customization options by just entering some of the cheat codes. With the help of the commands, players can easily customize the game experience according to their wishes and add features that they want. Hence, Spore has proven to be the best real-time game & still holds the modern titles, and has come a long way.

Moreover, these cheats allow you to access features such as the skill to untie all the superweapons, gain DNA points without finishing the task, Enable/Disable Blocksmode, achieve health, and unbolt the hidden features.

Be cautious when you see the joker badge pop up on the screen. Then it means that your earning achievements have been disabled because of the code you entered. Then do not save after that point if you are not planning to unbolt any awards during the game. So let’s learn about different cheats codes & tips to have creative gameplay.

Introduction of Spore- 2008 Video Game

The Spore video game is a God game introduced by Maxis and planned by Will Wright. It was released in 2008 on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game allows players to build a species from a microscopic organism to a complex creature, and then to its appearance as a social, intelligent being, its mastery of the planet, and finally, its ascent into space, where they can interact with alien species from all over the galaxy.

Moreover, the game permits you to make and design your own creatures, buildings, and vehicles and share them with other individual players in different game stages, and the cheats will help you advance in your gameplay.

How we Can use the Spore Cheats

How we Can use the Spore Cheats
How we Can use the Spore Cheats

Players can use cheats by opening the console by pressing the command Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter your selection into the console and hit enter. Now you can shut the console by entering the Escape key or tapping on the X.

List of  Spore Cheat’s Code

Here, we will list spore cheat codes that make the gameplay more daring and perfect.

  • MoreMoney– Achieve $2,000 for civilization & $1,000,000 for space
  • RefillMotives-Refill your physical fitness and other motives
  • AddDNA– obtain 150 DNA points
  • UnlockSuperWeapons- Untie super weapons
  • SpaceCreate- participate in space and unchain the creative recharge tools
  • Freedom[on/off]- activate & deactivate the complexity limits; creations that go far from them are not pollinated.
  • Evoadvantage- choose any creature from the Sporepedia every time you start with a new creature
  • Levels-unlock– use the primary menu to untie all the stages of the game; if you use this code, then you will not get any accomplishments
  • Levels- to unlock the adventures– access all Maxis adventures from the menu
  • SetTime[h,m]- choose the time and rate of speed multiplier for your Avatar
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency- control how frequently pirates attack the system in the game
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRiadAllyFrequency- sets the pace at which pirates attack the allied system
  • UniverseSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency- controls how often pirates attack your system and take your spice
  • Movie- Watch all the Movies
  • Blocksmode– Make Blocky representations of creatures
  • HigherTextureLevel [off/low/medium/high]- alter the texture quality of buildings & vehicles

Sporepodia- List of Spore Cheats to Unlock All Parts


As mentioned above, you can create your own creatures in the game, and these creatures are tracked in Sporepodia along with their progress and rewards. You can get it by spotting more money cheats, and it will record the planets, vehicles, and buildings that one has constructed with money. Individuals can publish their creations on the spore.com website, where any of you can see them. So first, you have to create the things and then add them to the Sporepedia, so use the below cheats to add designs to your creatures.

1.      StyleFilter Cheats

This cheat will change the visuals of the game style by adding various effects. But do not root the game to get the joke Badge.

  • None- StyleFilter– Go Back to the Standard view
  • OilPaint-StyleFilter– give the effect of oil painting in the gameplay
  • FilmNoir- StyleFilter- black & white mode of the game
  • Microscope- StyleFilter- Make a chalkboard effect
  • Norainbows- StyleFilter-Create the game appearance dark and less colorful
  • NextGen– StyleFilter- Make a fog in a game

2.      AdventureFilter Spore Cheats

The adventureFilter will save & publish a filter modified with the adventure. So the other people can see it the way how you wish it to look.

AdventureFilter Spore Cheats
AdventureFilter Spore Cheats
  • None- AdventureLook- Go back to the usual view
  • Norainbows- AdventureLook- create the game appearance darker and colorless
  • Watercolor-AdventureLook- convert the game into a watercolor painting
  • Sepia-AdventureLook- Put an old fashion look theme to the game
  • Sixteenbit- AdventureLook- create the game to look blocky & put fickles
  • Eightbit– AdventureLook- Dithering appearance better than 16bit
  • Filmnoir-AdventurLook- The game will come into view as black & white, have faults such as old black & white Tv. It also rains continually.
  • Freecam– Permit the camera to stir freely

3.      JokeRBadge Cheats

There is a chance that the following codes will be deactivated in future achievements, but at least only on the save game in which the cheat is used. Furthermore, do not save your game after cheating if you want to earn more rewards.

  • Rename planet [new name]- relabeled the chosen planet
  • Rename star [new name]- create the chosen star a new name
  • FreeCam– twist a free cam around
  • PauseUIVisible– Controls whether the pause frame is visible
  • ToggleCaptureUI– rule the UI for capturing pictures
  • CapturePlanetGIF– rule a GIF of your planet that is saved to the “AnimatedAvatar” section
  • AntiAliasGIF– saves a revolving image of your planet in the “AnimatedAvatars” directory
  • Killallhints– Erase all hints
  • Help- shows a list of cheat commands
  • Help [Cheat Code]- shows additional information about a specific cheat code
  • Full-Help– Explains Cheating codes in more detail
  • History- shows your previous codes
  • Option– List all the available options.
  • Prop- shows/Alter property values
  • Clear- clean the console
  • Quit- End of the game

Some Other Spore Cheats ( Consequence Trait Names)

You have to use these values with the “setConsequenceTrait]Trait name]” code.

  • Carnivore- SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Herbivore- SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Omnivore- SetConsequenceTrait cell
  • Aggressive– SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Social- SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Mixed- SetConsequenceTrait creature
  • Aggressive– SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Social- SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Mixed- SetConsequenceTrait tribe
  • Military- SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Economic– SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Religious– SetConsequenceTrait civ
  • Bard– offers the soothing song ability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Ecologist– offers the safari vacuum ability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Zealot– offers the fanatical Frenzy- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Diplomat– offers the static Cling ability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Scientist– offers the gravitation wave ability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Trader– offers the cash infusion capability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Shaman– allow the return ticket ability- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Warrior– allow the raider rally- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Wanderer– it will not give any trait- SetConsequenceTrait space
  • Knight– offers the summon Mini-U ability- SetConsequenceTrait space

Glitches in Spore Cheats

Cheats are so valuable in the game, but there are so many glitches that they rarely occur. Hence, zooming in and out on each planet and galactic views can be deactivated by cheating at the time. The glitch will be permanent by just tapping the Sporepedia tab or quitting the game.

Moreover, glitches are unintended consequences of video game programming. Hence, glitches can be advantageous to a player, meaningless, amusing, inconvenient, or game-breaking. Thus, there are major and minor glitches. Major glitches impede or make gameplay impossible, and minor glitches have little effect on a game and are often more humorous than unsafe.

Final Words

Cheats will enable you to gain benefits and make the game more interesting. Spore cheats allow you to make your gameplay creative, and you can also customize your creatures, vehicles, and buildings. You can start the cheat console by just pressing Ctrl+Shift+C. Moreover, in this blog, we have explained all the cheat codes to unlock the game stages. Don’t forget to share your spore experience with us.