PS4 Controller Not Connecting? Here is How to Fix

If you are working with PS4, and you have noticed that the ps4 controller not connecting to your console, you are not singly. Several PS4 users are reaching this PS4 controller not connecting issue.

This is a really disturbing problem. You cannot play games on your PS4 without your controller correctly attached. And you are apparently attempting to obtain a fix to connect your controller to your console. But do not depress. It is probable to fix this matter. Here are 3 clarifications you can try. You may not have to attempt every. Just go your way down at the head of the table until you get the one that accomplishes for you.

PS4 Controller Not Connecting with a Data Cable?

Once you are owning a wireless link problem with your PS4 controller, the first thing you should try is to attach it with a data cable.

You can try attaching it with the cable that issued with your Play Station console. But if it does not work, then you should try another one. You should take a USB cable with a micro-USB connector (you can see several Android smartphones use this kind of cable).

Note that you may require to test with many cables to get the one that runs for you. Attach your controller and console with the working cable. And then restart your PS4. If this process runs for you, your console will automatically identify and connect your controller.

Reset your PS4 controller

Resetting your Play Station controller is a different useful way to make your PS4 controller back. To do so:

  1. Switch off your PS4.
  2. Find the reset key on the back of your controller near the L2 shoulder button. Then apply a small, flattened paper-clip or something alike to press the button and keep it down for a couple of seconds. Then release the button.
  3. Attach your controller to your Play Station 4 console. Then turn your console ON.
  4. If this process runs for you, your controller will join your Play Station console at this time.
Ps4 Controller Not Connecting
Ps4 Controller Not Connecting

Restart your PS4 console completely

There may be decay effects on your Play Station 4 console that detach your controller. You can try restarting your console entirely to see if this can settle the issue:

  1. Push the power button on your console and press it until you catch the second beep. Then release the key.
  2. Remove the power cable from the plug and the controller that would not connect from the console.
  3. Drop your PS4 for two to three minutes.
  4. Connect the power cable to the plug and the controller back to the console.
  5. Switch your PS4 on. Verify the controller to see if it works accurately now.

If your PS4 controller won’t Charge

  1. Check your USB cable on a different device to verify that it’s working.
  2. Plug your USB cable into the DualShock and give it a review with the slightest touch.
  3. If your USB cable seems detached or unless not secure, you will require to substitute either the USB cable or the DualShock itself.

When you detach the cable from your DualShock controller, provide it a careful examination. Use the torch on your phone and beam it into the charging port. If the metal under looks curved or distorted you can either try to change it back into shape yourself, call upon an expert to do it for you, or substitute the entire controller. We do not suggest trying to bend the metal back into place yourself as it might violate the warranty of your device.

Despite whether or not the metal interior of your charging port looks okay, it might be muddy. If you are seeing a bit of dirt or filth buildup, attend these next steps.

  1. Take a can of compressed wind.
  2. While the nozzle is 2-3 inches apart from the charging port, thrill air inside in short bursts to hit them dust-free.
  3. Do your fittest to hit all of the dirt out of the DualShock, and don’t just hit it free.
  4. Once the dirt is out, use a microfiber cloth to clean up the debris.
  5. If there is filth inside of your controller (from either scattered drinks or otherwise), stay clean.
  6. Make assured your DualShock controller is either totally erased or turned off. I favor granting the controller to be totally erased because it stops the accidental turn-on, but providing a controller to die when it cannot connect to the PSR (and regularly turns off because of it) is a nuisance. Simply make sure you are cautious not to turn it on by chance.
  7. Take a toothpick or another kind of tiny needle.
  8. Cover a very lightly damp paper towel throughout the toothpick. You only require a very little amount. Smaller than a 1-inch square should do you just excellent.
  9. Use your fresh tool to smoothly wipe out the inside of the charging port until you’re happy with the results.

If your PS4 controller buttons are sticking

  1. Create a 50/50 calculated solvent of isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water.
  2. Work a microfiber cloth to lightly sprinkle with the solution.
  3. Work the microfiber cloth towel to clean around the surface of the buttons. Don’t push too hard so you can bypass squeezing the solution off of the cloth and into your controller.
  4. Leave the controller to drain fully before attempting to switch it on again.
  5. Attempt pushing the buttons now.

Wait for the controller to be fully drained before trying to switch it back on. Don’t use the can of compressed air to hurry this method up. You are only going to end up shifting the water back into the controller.

Nothing worked. What to Do

If none of the mentioned methods worked or if you are suffering working some of these troubleshooting moves, then possibly it is time to give Sony a call. Ask them regarding your warranty, see what’s covered, and what you can do to get repairs or substitutions.


Since the controller gets the common mechanical wear out of all your segments no amount of immature love can stand up to the lasting-term results of regular usage.

At the last of the day, if none of the certain summits are working, you will require to renew your DualShock controller completely.