An Instagram Story Collage Making (An Alluring Photo Guide)

The majority of bloggers who are beginners to Instagram will post a collage on the Instagram story to gain followers, likes, and comments regularly. If you post more interesting collage, people will be attracted to your Insta profile and follow you to know more about your lifestyle.

When Instagram saw that the majority of people were coming on Instagram, Insta added various features to the app, like the story feature, which includes sub-features. This Story feature came in late 2019, which allows you to post a grid of your photo in your Story. Previously, you could only make a collage by using stickers which is tricky and hard to navigate. But now, Insta has given us creative freedom because now you can add many of your photos as you like over one background photo, plus you can add stickers, write a text, and many more things on Insta story. The following article will guide you in making or creating an Insta collage using various methods. So, let’s move on to the next section of the article.

Introduction of Instagram Collage

An Instagram story collage is a collection of shared photos that you share in a single image or video. But I compare it with the Instagram grid, but as you know, it shares as one photo. The collages of Instagram started to show up over the last few years. Last year, the trend increased with more users creating various appealing collages for their Instagram stories.

In addition, the collages system started as a trend among the influencers and brands who wanted to express themselves more creatively for their public account. Still, many users use this trend with more content creation and a great image look. However, now we have come a long way from the past days when we created collages using different apps to combine backgrounds, images, and videos to create stunning visuals.

How to Make Instagram Story Collage – An Insta Grid

There are three ways to make an Insta photo collage to share with your followers on your Story. You can create it by using stickers, layout mode, or third-party creation apps. Here are the following methods that will describe you in detail. So, let’s start with the funniest grid.

Making a Photo Collage by Using Stickers

The following method is the easiest method to make a photo collage for adding to your Insta stories with your followers. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open your Instagram app and swipe left the screen. Now tap on the story option and take a picture for the photo collage background.
  • Now edit your image with an amazing tool that is available in Front of your screen. (if you want to hide the background image, just click on the airbrush tool, choose a color and mask the image by using the airbrush tool).
  • Exit Instagram but don’t close it because you have to go to your home screen to open the photos app or camera roll on your iPhone.
  • Now click on any photo to add to your Instagram story. Then, click the share icon at the bottom and select copy photo.
  • Go back to the Insta, and the app should be shown on the story creation page.
  • Your Instagram account will almost immediately show you the copied photo as an Add sticker. Simply tap on it to add it to your Story. When the pop-up disappears before you tap it, choose the text option (Aa) in the upper right. After that, tap and hold the screen and select Paste to add the image.
  • Now that the image is on your Story, you can reposition, resize, and even rotate it as desired. Once you have done it, follow the same procedure to add more images after making the collage on the Insta story.

Making a Photo Collage by Using Layout mode

You can also make an Insta photo collage by using layout mode for your Instagram story. Additionally, you can use stickers or don’t need to download an additional app to create a wonderful collage. And this method works for both devices like android and iOS. Now here’s how you can do it by following the steps.

  • Open your Instagram and click on the story section of the camera.
  • Now tap on the layout on the left side menu to enter layout mode.
  • Click on the changing grid option to choose one of your layout options. Now you can add a number of photos to your collage.
  • Then click on the +icon at the bottom to add photos to your grid. Alternatively, click on the camera button until you fill all the grids with different styles.
  • Tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom once you have done. Now, you can use different editing features which is inside the stories to make your collage pop up.

Making a Photo Collage by Using 3rd Party Apps

Making a collage using 3rd party apps is an exceptional way to create an outstanding collage because it provides outstanding features. However, you should only download them if you do not mind the extra download.

Furthermore, you may find many collage making 3rd party apps on Google. By using those apps, you can create a beautiful collage of yours and share it with your loved ones.

How to Improve an Instagram Collage – Best 3 Tips

Here are the following Instagram tips to improve your Instagram collage to make your Story aesthetic for your followers. Followers are the main attraction of your account if you are a blogger or have a public account.

collage instagram story
collage instagram story
  1. Emphasis on Aesthetics

Create a collage that will extend your feed. It should have a similar aesthetic. It is believed that split images will enhance your content, and many brands are experimenting with this idea.

  1. The Goal of the Engagement

Always think about your followers first, then make your collage according to your loving audience

Because if the audience loves your content, then make a collage as they liked their way, whether it is split, combined, adventurous, or others. You may use Insta collage to ask the question where you can add text to make people curious about you. Or you can add more than one photo and ask them which should you select for your event or something else.

  1. Tell Any Branding Story

A collage is nothing for everyone on the Instagram, but if any other brand sponsors you, you can make a story with a collage to represent the brand in Infront of your followers or to increase the popularity of the brand, where you can ask questions from the followers about the brand and get the views of it.

Winding Up

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most useful apps for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. And you love to see how everyone is creative in making their account attractive to their followers. Many brands and influencers love to use Insta, and they post many stories to take their content to the next level. Now it’s time for you to make your account and start making a collage to build your followers and their engagements on the account. In the comment box, let us know if you have an Insta account according to your running business.