How To Trade In Pokemon Go (Everything You Want to Know)

Wondering about trading in Pokemon with friends and other trading system factors. Trading is a part of the Pokemon games in red and blue that were released in 1995, as it allows you to exchange the Pokemon with your friends and make growth by completing the Pokedex. The Pokemon game has a massive collection of Pokemon that people want to find, catch, and trade with their friends. In order to *trade Pokemon, you have to get close enough to your friend to get the Pokemon.

Every time you *trade in a Pokemon, you and your partner have to spend some stardust, as different Pokemon entail different amounts of Stardust. You have to pay more Stardust if you want to trade the legendary Pokemon. You can decrease the quantity of Stardust by raising your friendship level with your partner. People are curious to know how to *trade Pokemon in Pokemon Go and other valuable features. So we will explain everything you want to know.

What is Trading In Pokemon Go?

how close do you have to be to trade in pokemon go
how close do you have to be to trade in pokemon go

Trading is one of the most incredible features in Pokemon Go. It trades the different Pokemon with your friends as it allows you to swap your extra Pokemon with other players, especially for the legendary, mythical, and perfect Pokedex entries. Moreover, you can also battle existing Pokemon with the other trainers in the league and gyms to become the master of Pokemon. And you can also undertake the quests and other missions to gain rewards in Pokemon Go.

Keep in mind that if you want to trade legendary or other shiny Pokemon, you have to make a special trade with your best friend that only occurs once per day, and you will need lots of Stardust to do it. In addition, it is essential to remember that you have to be in level 10 or above to unlock the trading feature in a game.

How to Increase the Friend List for Trading in Pokemon Go

If you want to participate in pokemon trading, you first need to unlock level 10 of the game. And the other is to make your friends as trading is only possible with the friends who are close in range with you. Further, there are four different levels of friendship that you can attain by other players such as a good friend, good player, ultra friend, and best friend. If you are going to trade for the first time, you need to be a good friend, which is not that hard. Just you guys have to unlock level 10 or give each other a gift.

Moreover, exchanging gifts with friends helps you increase the level of the game. If you want to give a friend a gift, click on the profile, click on the “friend” tab, select any friend, and send the gift. But, remember that you can only gift a friend one time a day.

How To Trade In Pokemon Go with a Friend

If you want to exchange your Pokemon with other players, you first make them friends. After that, make sure they are within 100 meters of your distance and have Stardust *trade the Pokemon. Then, start your trading by following the steps.

how to trade in pokemon let's go
how to trade in pokemon let’s go
  1. Start your trade by going to the friend’s tab from the trainer profile and selecting the person you want to trade with.
  2. Then, click on the Trade option and let them know to join the session.
  3. After that, select the desired Pokemon you want to *trade. A confirmation message will be sent to the concerned players.
  4. The amount of Stardust required to trade to be noticeable next to the confirm option.
  5. Now, you can *trade the Pokemon.

How To Trade Over Max Distance In Pokemon Go

Pokemon trading makes it interesting for the players to *trade the other Pokemon with their friends by investing some stardust. As we learn above, we can only trade with the person in close range. But now you can bypass the Pokemon go the trading range, and teleport to any location where you can find the various players to *trade pokemon. Some software like iToolab AnyGO helps you simultaneously satire the location of multiple iPhones. So, here are steps to help you *trade Pokemon at a max distance.

  1. Run the software off iToolab AnyGo on your PC, and attach the iPhone through a USB cable. Then the display will show your current location. From there, you have to jump the teleport tab.
  2. After that, generate a custom route by choosing the area you want to go to.
  3. Next, you can move to the selected route by tapping the “Auto jump after Cooldown.” According to the time, it can set the time automatically
  4. At last, press OK to complete the process.

What are the Special Trades of Pokemon Go

Special trades are the ones in which a player can *trade for the legendary and shiny Pokemon. Some special pokemon are shiny, Pikachu, legendary Pokemon, and the Pokemon, which are not in your Pokedex. But, players are allowed to special trade only once a day. So in special *trade, you will need more Stardust than others because to legendary *trade, Pokemon will consume more Stardust.


Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile games on Android and iOS. An essential feature of Pokemon Go is trading, and players find it interesting to trade for the legendary Pokemon with their friends. But, you will only be able to trade when you cross level 10. If you have a higher level of friendship with other players, you will need fewer Stardust to participate in trade. The blog will guide you through the process of trading Pokemon in Pokemon Go. As well as how to increase our friend list and game levels.