How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft (A Complete Guide)

When you start to explore the world of Minecraft, you will see stray cats frequently. You have the option of taming the cat and converting it into a tame cat. Most players love to tame cats in games, but some players do not know how to tame a cat in Minecraft. So here in this guide, we will let you know about the taming of cats and where to find them. You can tame a cat by offering it raw salmon and standing there until it eats the salmon.

Moreover, taming mobs is an essential part of the game. Thus, you can tame different mobs, such as horse wolves, to make survival easier. In Minecraft, you can keep your tamed cats as pets in your home, but it isn’t easy to tame cats as they run very fast. So let’s start to discuss taming cats.

Where will we Find Cats in Minecraft?

If you want to tame cats, you first have to find them in the Minecraft world. As cats are the passive mobs that can be found in specific locations in-game, First, you have to find a village or a swamp hut because stray cats can spawn in villages with a minimum of one villager and four beds. The game will observe if any stray cats want to attempt to spawn as long as their conditions are met. The most popular places to spot cats are the Taiga Villages, the Desert, Plains, Savanna, and the Witch Hut. Further, black cats are more likely to spawn alongside a witch on a full moon.

Hence, you can find a maximum of 10 cats per village. To tame a stray cat, you need raw fish. So, Hold it until the cat gets attracted to it. Now let’s learn how you can tame a cat in Minecraft.

Catching A fish to Feed Cat in Minecraft

When you start thinking about taming a cat, first you have to catch a fish to give it to the cat. Take your fishing rod and go to any nearby river or other water sources to start fishing. Now follow the steps to grab a fish.

how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.13
how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.13
  • Right, select the water source while holding the rod to open the reel.
  • Then, look intimately at the water and the point where the reel vanishes under the water.
  • When you notice that the bubbles appear and go towards the reel, you will get a bite.
  • After that, right-click when the reel head is pulled inside the water. Then again, right-click it.
  • Next, whatever comes on your reel will be added to your inventory.

How to Tame A Cat In Minecraft

We know that taming is the process in which we can make a wild animal befriend a player. So, if you want a pet to pal around with you after you come home from a long day of mining and taming, If you wish to tame, then hold the food in your hand. Many animals will start to stare at you for food, and so if you keep and hold the right food for the right animal, it will help you tame it. So follow the steps to get a cat.

  • If you want to tame a cat, you first have to find raw cod or raw salmon from a lake or nearby river.
  • Prepare the raw fish and gradually move towards a stray cat and use that raw fish on the skeptical cat.
  • Then, feed the cat until the hearts come into view above the cat’s head. That is a sign that you have tamed the cat. If you likely have to feed the cat several times, the chances are that the cat will get used to it as a player.
  • When the cat eats enough, the hearts will vanish, and the cat will get a collar. It means that you have got a pet cat & successfully tame a cat in Minecraft.

Cats Behaviour After Taming In Minecraft

It is advantageous for the tired players to keep mobs from attacking them. A stray cat will assault the nearby rabbits and baby turtles. Creepers and phantoms avoid going too close there. When the owner of the tamed cat sleeps, the cat drops a gift for the player. There is also a chance they can bring the string, rabbit’s foot, raw chicken, and other items.

Moreover, whatever you do, the cat will always be with you wherever you go. If, unfortunately, you forget the track of your cat, then do not worry. The Cat can teleport to a player who moves 12 blocks away. If you want to seat the tamed cat, then order it to sit and stay in one place. They like to sit on real-life cats and in places where cats are present.


In the Minecraft world, you can imagine and create whatever you want. The process mentioned above helps you tame a cat and how they become friendly with you. The popular activities in Minecraft involve settling an area, building your own home, and getting a pet that used to go along with you every time. So, the taming cats are the best pets to have because creepers and phantoms are afraid of them and will not approach them. Moreover, the cats you train will always accompany you wherever you go. So the taming of mobs is best and increases the thrill of exploring the Minecraft world, and share your experience with us about what hurdles you face in tame a cat in Minecraft.