How to Play With Friends on Genshin Impact (Easy Guide)

Games become more exciting when you play with friends. But, in Genshin impact, joining a friends world takes time. There are some requirements to experience first, but after that, joining friends’ worlds can be the best way to improve in the game. So, here we will walk you through how to play with friends on Genshin impact.

Hence, it is a vast open world for players to discover. Thankfully, Genshin World now has a built-in multiplayer feature. The new RPG allows you to team up with three friends to chase for treasure and challenge threatening foes. However, you will not be able to play with your friends until you reach an advanced rank, and there are a few restrictions to co-op play that you must be aware of.

So let’s move to the guide to unlock the multiplayer and request your friends to join you in discovering the world of Teyvat.

How to Unlock Multiplayer Feature in Genshin Impact

how to play with friends on genshin impact on pc
how to play with friends on genshin impact on pc

The feature can only be unlocked by reaching the adventure rank of 16. It will take time for a player to reach that level. Once you attain the level, you will be able to invite your friends. But keep in mind that your friends also have to reach adventure rank 16.

Moreover, don’t merge the adventure rank with the character level. The character levels will boost pretty easily and are special to each character. While adventure rank is tied to your account, you can see your level in the menu besides the world level and your character’s name or birthday. Furthermore, you can boost it by playing and finishing quests. It is suggested that you focus on the primary storyline during the early portions of the game, as these quests will unlock the new features and elements for you, which will be helpful in your journey of exploring the Genshin World. Let’s discuss what we have to do to access the multiplayer feature.

1.      Clearing the Primary Archon Quests—To Play with Friends in Genshin Impact

Initially, you have to attain the city of Monstadt, and visiting it will add up as part of the quest. Then, you have to locate yourself by clearing three wind temples. The main quest prizes you with many EXP, and the more you receive, the sooner you can access the multiplayer.

2.      Visiting the Adventurer’s Guild in Monstadt

After getting access to the Adventurer Handbook, you can begin gaining more EXP. The tab in the handbook offers you an abundance of Adventure Rank EXP; when you begin discovering, cooking, activating the waypoints, and opening chests will give some EXP.

3.      Discovering the OverWorld

So, there are so many grounds to cover in a game that you can receive a lot of EXP this way. The other elements, such as Waypoints, dungeons, chests, and opening seven statues, will enlarge your map. Stay tuned; you will have to see lots of new adventures ahead.

4.      Daily Missions at Rank 12

By getting to Adventure Rank 12, you have to begin daily missions. They are pretty easy to finish and reset every other day. They are one of the great ways to get Adventure Rank EXP and a host of other prizes too.

It’s likely that the developers only let you unlock multiplayer after sometimes spent in the game because no one likes frail teammates. Despite this, you can play with others after attaining Adventure Rank 16. Moreover, by the time you begin doing all of these, you will be fairly decent at Genshin impact.

How to Add Friends to Play in Genshin Impact

how to play with friends on genshin impact mobile
how to play with friends on genshin impact mobile

When you reach level 16 of adventure rank, you can begin adding friends. Without adding friends, you would not have anyone to play with. Keep in mind that your friend must also be on Adventure rank 16, or you won’t be able to connect with their world. Here are the steps to adding friends to a game.

  • First, view the pause menu and choose friends.
  • Then, open another tab in the friend’s menu.
  • Next, input the nine-digit UID number your friend gave you.
  • Send the invite to a friend.
  • Once it’s established, you can begin joining their worlds.
  • To enter the game, view the menu & choose Co-op Mode.
  • Then, find a friend you wish to play with.
  • Next, tap on Request to Join.
  • If accepted, you can begin playing with your friends.

You can also do this despite adding friends to the host.

  • Launch the menu and choose Co-Op Mode.
  • Now, choose My Multiplayer from the right corner.
  • Next, select from Allow District Join or Join after approval.
  • Then, wait until your friend joins your Genshin World.

You can also decline to join requests completely if you wish to play alone. Because direct join requests offer any friend to join at any time, you might wish to turn that on if you require focusing on main quests. Furthermore, while playing co-op, you cannot complete any main quest. So, when you connect with someone’s game, you cannot view the chests or make offerings to statues of the seven and choose specific items. So remember these limitations while playing with your pals.

Does Genshin Impact Support Cross-Platform to Play with Friends?

Yes, fortunately, Genshin Impact can be played on PS4, PS5, Android, and PC users can party up and discover the game world together. However, there are some requirements that you have to complete before getting into the game. Some requirements are:

  • While playing with a mate, each player should link on the same server region. Or else, multiplayer would not function.
  • Players can allow swapping accounts and saving the improvement on a PC or a mobile.
  • Along with cross-play, cross-save is present in PCs and mobiles. But now, in the new update, you can now connect your accounts with Playstation network accounts through the Hoyoverse account & cross-save your game.

That’s everything about how to play genshin impact with friend’s.

What to do if Multiplayer does not Work?

Some reasons would not allow you to join a friend’s world, or they cannot join yours. But, no worries, you can quickly fix the issues. Here are some most common reasons you might come across.

1.      If the Other Player is not Reached on Adventure Rank 16

If any player is not reached on Adventure Rank 16, you cannot play with them. So both the players must have to get the required level to play. Hence, there is no other oddity to this rule at all.

2.      Poor Connections does not allow to play Genshin Impact with friends

Occasionally, bad internet connections can put off players from playing in Co-Op mode. A host should have a stable internet connection to allow for smooth gameplay. If you know that a player has a bad connection, the connection will not allow them to host correctly.

3.      Errors

Sometimes, the problem does not occur from the player’s side. But the game is making life tricky for you. Sometimes, genshin impact users suffered from weird errors that would not let them play co-op. But thankfully, it can be fixed after assistance from the developers.

It’s worth waiting for the problem to be fixed. Furthermore, if something is incorrect, you should get in touch with the developers for help. It might take a while, but your struggle can also assist others suffering from a similar issue.

Summed Up

Genshin impact users may feel lonely while exploring the world of Teyvat. It would be amazing if you explored the vast fantasy world through a spiral abyss with your friends. Thankfully, the game has an in-built multiplayer feature that lets players join up with their friends. Hence, solving challenging puzzles can be fun, but it would be great if we could play them with friends.

But, to play with friends, you have to reach Adventure Rank 16 and complete several missions to unlock the multiplayer feature; after that, you will be able to explore the world of Teyvat with your friends. Let us know about your experience while playing the game with friends by commenting.