How to get to Inazuma: Fulfill the Pre-Requisites First

Are you wondering how to get to Inazuma? Then you don’t have to be anxious. Here, you will know the step-by-step instructions in this article about exploring the region launched in Genshin Impact in patch 2.0. But you have to meet its requirements to get that region where you will meet more characters and discover many islands etc. It is a region of six islands but available only three; Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island. It is governed by Electro Archon, Baal.

Thus, the region is filled with Japanese-inspired scenery and architecture, along with a vision hunt decree going on around it. Moreover, it is a beautiful region with new mobs and a great soundtrack. Similar to all other areas, it seems mysterious. Hence, discovering this land is exclusive because of the thunder spheres, which permit you to navigate certain parts of that area quickly.

However, you also don’t need to be self-satisfied as there are a lot of lurking hazards, like a never-ending thunderstorm on one of the islands. This region is considered the home of samurais, or ronins, who can easily smudge a naive or unsuspecting team. So, this region is somewhat dangerous for players who are not prepared. Therefore, move to the next section to see the details regarding the latest area of Genshin Impact with its pre-requisites, list of introduced characters, and islands.

Requirements to Unlock Inazuma

Sadly, not all players will immediately get this region after installing Genshin Impact 2.0. Hence, some may find that they may stop by quest requirements, but some face to fill up other needs, like raising Adventure Rank (AR) and leveling up the first. Hence, let’s see the complete description of pre-requisites:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or Above: As a new player of Genshin Impact, it might be possible that the chances of your AR being below 30, which you can also check from the main menu of your profile. So, if you want to raise your AR score, you need to accomplish a quest that will award you a high Adventure Rank experience. Hence, for that purpose, complete your particular daily quests.
  • Complete the Archon Quest Chapter II Prologue: (Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves); this Archon Quest is another version of the main story of the Genshin Impact. This quest was released in Genshin Impact 1.6 and will unlock after finishing all previous Archon Quests and reaching the AR 30. It does not mean that you get TheInazuma region, but it is the start of getting TheInazuma storyline.
  • Start the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act I: So, follow the Quest line, and you will eventually unlock TheInazuma; by completing the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act I (The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia).

Note: Remember, TheInazuma is really a dangerous place outside the main city; because the mobs might be annoyed by you. So, it is recommended that you have, at any rate, one party decently built.

Explore The Inazuma in Genshin Impact

how to get to inazuma genshin impact
how to get to inazuma genshin impact

Once you meet all the requirements, then you can get the Inazuma through the steps below. Furthermore, see what you have explored at this place which is described in the next section.

  • The initial part of the quest, Setting Sail, is to talk to Katheryine at the Adventure’s Guild in Liyue Harbor and sail across the ship to reach TheInazuma shores.
  • Then, as the member of Beidou’s crew talks to the Traveler, visit the Crux Fleet on the east coast of Guyun Stone Forest.
  • After that, speak to Beidou, who will set the ship course for TheInazuma shortly.
  • Now, you will arrive in Ritou after this quest, a small port town just around the region. Before you can leave and freely explore, you will do a little bit of stuff in this town.

List of All Characters of Discovered Region

genshin impact how to get to inazuma
genshin impact how to get to inazuma

Here is the table of all the characters which have been released till now in your recent beautiful Inazuma region. So, go through them to see whom you will meet currently:

Names Version Released Description
Kuki Shinobu TBA (Recently Released) ★ ? / Electro / TBA

[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: TBA

– Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang

Ayato 2.6 (Update) ★ 5 / Hydro / Sword

[EN] Voice Actor: Chris Hackney
[JP] Voice Actor: Ishida Akira

– Head of the Kamisato Clan

Yae Miko 2.5 (Update) 5 / Electro / Catalyst

[EN] Voice Actor: Ratana
[JP] Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

– Chief Priestess of the Grand Narukami Shrine

Arataki Itto 2.3 (Update) 5 / Geo / Claymore

[EN] Voice Actor: Max Mittelman
[JP] Voice Actor: Nishikawa Takanori

– Head of the Oni of Hanamizaka

Gorou 2.3 (Update) 4 / Geo / Bow

[EN] Voice Actor: Cory Yee
[JP] Voice Actor: Hatanaka Tasuku

– General of the Watatsumi Army

Thoma 2.2 (Update) 4 / Pyro / Polearm

[EN] Voice Actor: Christian Banas
[JP] Voice Actor: Masakazu Morita

– Retainer of the Kamisato Clan

Kokomi 2.1 (Update) 5 / Hydro / Catalyst

[EN] Voice Actor: Risa Mei
[JP] Voice Actor: Suzuko Momori

– Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island

Kujou Sara 2.1 (Update) 4 / Electro / Bow

[EN] Voice Actor: Jeannie Tirado
[JP] Voice Actor: Asami Seto

– General of the Tenryou Commission

Raiden Shogun 2.1 (Update) 5 / Electro / Polearm

[EN] Voice Actor: Anne Yatco
[JP] Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro

– The Electro Archon

Sayu 2.0 (Update) 4 / Anemo / Claymore

[EN] Voice Actor: Lilypichu
[JP] Voice Actor: Aya Suzaki

– Young ninja from the Shuumatsuban

Yoimiya 2.0 (Update) 5 / Pyro / Bow

[EN] Voice Actor: Jenny Yokobori
[JP] Voice Actor: Kana Ueda

– Owner of Naganohara Fireworks

Ayaka 2.0 (Update) 5 / Cryo / Sword

[EN] Voice Actor: Erica Mendez
[JP] Voice Actor: Saori Hayama

– Eldest Daughter Of The Kamisato Clan

Kazuha 1.6 (Update) 5 / Anemo / Sword

[EN] Voice Actor: Mark Whitten
[JP] Voice Actor: Nobunaga Shimazaki

– A Wandering Samurai From Inazuma


Things to Do

Let’s see the following activities which you can do in your new discovered region of the game:

Collect Electroculus


Collect Electroculus for generous rewards to offer them to the Statue of Seven.
Unlock & Complete World Quests A lot of new challenging quests are unlocked, so learn about their culture and citizens through playing various quests.
Increase the level of your Sacred Sakura Collect Electro sigil from treasure boxes and quests while unlocking Inazuma and offer them to Sacred Sakura to level up your Electrogranum and receive generous rewards.
Raise you Reputation Doing quests, bounties, and requests increases your reputation by rewarding Gadgets, Blueprints, and Gliders.

All Islands

Following are the names of the island which you will find in your discovered region:

  • Narukami Islands
  • Yashiori Island
  • Tatarasuna, Kannazuka
  • Watatsumi Island
  • Seirai Island
  • Tsurumi Island

Unlock the Inazuma without Quest

Usually, reaching TheInazuma area without doing quest levels is impossible because Raiden Shogun set the protection for TheInazuma. However, you can get close to there but not directly.

Hence, if you are using disconnect bugs or Skiff flying bugs, then you may fly there. Though Mihoyo is repairing the flying bugs, so it might be possible that you cannot use flying bugs now to get there anymore. So, you have to complete the quests ultimately.


Exploring something will not be difficult if you know its necessities and have the knowledge about the area or region, likewise game Genshin Impact version 2. Hope so; now you have complete information about exploring TheInazuma area, it would be great to see your thoughts about the blog’s worthiness by commenting.