How to Get Diluc Genshin Impact (Guide to Unlock A Character)

Have you ever encountered the Diluc in Genshin Impact? If no, then here we will walk you through the ways to get diluc. Hence, Genshin Impact is an RPG that offers you a chance to discover a magnificent open world with fantasy-based battle systems. The game poses a total of 22 playable characters for users to pick from. However, Diluc is one of the most adored playable characters in the game. His S-Tier pyro powers allow the unique abilities to demolish mobs and bosses. But sadly, he is not easily recruitable. If you have set your heart on getting this elusive character, learn how to add this powerful character to your party despite the shortcuts. We have compiled the ways to get Diluc in the game for your ease.

Who is Diluc & What Skills does he possess?

Diluc is one of the most delicate fire-based characters and is famous for being the best in the game. There are various regions in the Genshin’s impact that the traveler will discover in hopes of finding the diluc. He lives in Mondstadt, one of the most adorable places. Diluc, with his moist red hair, makes him the most remarkable character and the strongest fighter. The five-star Diluc is also a powerful fire melee character; the powerhouse of pyro energy is the keystone of many high-powered teams’ builds. But considering how difficult it is to pull him in, you may have to be dreadfully rich too.

He has some remarkable skills, like he can do up to four usual strikes and uses more energy to carry out continual charged attacks such as slashes over time. Additionally, he completes dives and attacks mobs. Moreover, the pyro character can use Diluc’s vital potential to carry out the forward slashing that creates Pyro DMG. Thus, throwing a searing onslaught during weaving in vital strikes functions as an animation cancel, letting him strike his claymore such as Blade and drastically improving his DPS.

Method to Get the Diluc in Genshin Impact

genshin impact how to get diluc
genshin impact how to get diluc

Genshin’s impact is the role-playing game, which proposes a massive open-world ambiance with its fantasy-based combat system. The game contains 24 playable characters; if you want to unlock the Diluc, you will have to spend a lot of money and time. However, unlocking him proves to be the most expensive task. The only way to recruit Diluc is to use the Gacha Pon wish system. Here we will let you know the way to get it.

  • First, you have to view the Wishes
  • Second, choose the “Standard Wish” tab, the final one in the row.
  • Third, select the “Single wish” or “10-Wish” option from the lower right side of the screen.
  • Then, cross your fingers and repeat the process until you get the Diluc.

Hence, there is only a 0.600% chance of acquiring diluc when you pull a single wish. Your chances go up gradually to 1.600% if you drag 10 wishes at once because the game guarantees that you will get at least one 2-star character with these kinds of pulls. Although, unless you are really blessed, most players have to use the gacha many times before getting him.

Getting Free Diluc in Genshin Impact

If you wish to obtain Diluc for free, you should have to play the game. You will need one fate per wish, so if you are counting on an extra 1% alter for 10 pulls at once, you are going to want a lot of game currency. Various quests reward Primogems, Starglitter, and stardust that you can swap for familiar Fate emblems.

Moreover, if you have sufficient star glitter or stardust, you can swap them at Paimon’s shop for acquainted fate emblems. Remember that there is an inadequate number of fates present each month, so it should not be your primary strategy for receiving them. Furthermore, you can also push the “Wish” option on the standard wish banner to purchase a single wish or pack of 10 wishes in exchange for Primogems. In addition, if you have no other fates in your inventory, it will charge you a penny. Go along the line of 1600 Primogems just for the 10 fates mandatory for the mega-pull.

Few Tips to Obtain Diluc in Genshin’s Impact on PS4

If you want to get the Diluc in a game using the PS4, Then getting Diluc to emerge at your events is utterly dependent on chance. If you are ready to put your skills to the test using the games’ Gacha Pon system, go after the below steps.

  • First, you must use the “Pause” option to get to the menu.
  • Then, allow the Wish system to pull options and choose “Wishes” from the menu options.
  • Next, choose the “Standard Wish” tab, then the “Single wish” or “10-Wish” option from the menu list.

Getting Diluc in Genshin’s Impact on Smartphones

The number of devices for genshin’s impact ensures that the only way that you can obtain Diluc as a playable character in your party is by winning him with the Gacha pon Wish system, regardless of whether you are on PlayStation, PC, or mobile.

How to Purchase Diluc in Genshin Impact

You cannot purchase Diluc character straightway, like going to the in-game shop. The game would probably be much easier if that option were available. But, if you are ready to part with some hard-earned cash, you can purchase game currency with original money to trade in for wishes. Move to the steps to see how they function.

  • From the main menu, open the shop.
  • Then, ensure that the different currency packs & choose to purchase one that provides you Primogems.
  • Next, get your newfound wealth to the “wish” menu and choose the “Standard wish” tab.
  • After that, select the “Single Wish” or “pack of 10 wishes”
  • Last, pay the mandatory Primogem fee if you do not have sufficient fates in your inventory.

Note that the process is a bit pricey, so you can also do this at your own risk. For instance, if you wish to enhance your chances of getting a 4-star+ character or weapon, you need to purchase 10 wishes at a time. As a result, 10 wishes cost 10 familiar fates or 1600 Primogems. Keep in mind that this does not inevitably guarantee that you will obtain Diluc, but you will have a much better opportunity of winning him if you do 10 wishes at once.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned a few techniques to get diluc in Genshin Impact. Although these are not the only ways to unlock, the methods work depending on your luck. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed method to obtain the diluc, as even spending money does not guarantee that he will be summoned. Although it is determined that after 90 attempts, you will get one super character in the game. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Were you lucky enough to obtain diluc? How much time did it take to win Diluc? Let us know in the comment section.