How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact (Unlock Via Gacha)

You have to start the game with only one character in Genshin Impact, but with time, you will get more characters, each with their own powers. When you wish for the characters, it will require a vast amount of money. Moreover, if you unlock the characters, it will become expensive for you, mainly if you aim to add the game’s 5-star to your roster. Only six characters are free to get, and a few standard ones like Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Noella, and Barbara. So, in this blog, we will provide you with a complete guide on getting the different character’s in Genshin Impact that will help you unchain the character’s.

Introduction of Game Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an online action-player game developed by the Chinese company MiHOYO and introduced in 2022. The game is based on an anime-style open-world environment and an action-based battle system that uses magic and character switching. In the Genshin Impact, players manage several members with different powers, gear, weapons, and personalities. While combat plays in real-time and allows the players to use ranged, melee, and the elements needed to attack the enemies across the games that open the world and dungeons.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat and is released for the PS4, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS, and in the future, it will be released on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the “gacha” feature is the heart of the game and is used to monetize it. It works as you spend the in-game currency on characters, gear, and loot packs.

How to Have Characters in Genshin Impact

how to get more characters in genshin impact
how to get more characters in genshin impact

Characters in the Gen-shin impact are the most important, so people are curious about acquiring new character’s in a game. The characters can be obtained through wishes that allow swapping special currencies in exchange for a reward. Getting the characters through the several currencies that you will earn during the game is not that difficult. Furthermore, the large number of characters can only be unlocked by “pulling” from the pool of promising weapons and the characters by using currency.

· Unlock the Characters through the Gacha System

The Gacha system in the Genshin impact involves exchanging wishes for rewards in the regular random loot boxes to get the characters. The best part is that you can make a wish or a 10-wish stack to get the incentive. The 10-wish allows a playable character or a 4-star weapon, and there is no guarantee when it comes to 5-star rewards.

Now the question is, how do wishes work? So the main currency in the game is Primogems, and 160 Primogens gets you a single wish. You will earn the Primogems by completing the challenges, events, and quests. However, MiHoYo offers free currency as daily login bonuses. You must make the Primogems buy lots of wishes to unlock the characters. Players can also purchase the currency as part of the game’s battle pass that offers several rewards with gear and level-up items.

Another way of unlocking a character requires you first to have a wish to spend. Whenever you use the wish in Genshin Impact, you will get a small bit of Masterless Stardust or Starglitter that helps you buy more desires in the game store to keep the unlocking cycle of the character’s moving along. So, if you want to unlock more and more characters, then you have to find a way to earn the Primogems.

· Unlock the Free Character’s in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, which means you do not have to pay for anything to get the wishes. As the free method is a little slower than the paid method, So there are 6 free characters in the genshin impact without spending anything. The game is in its infancy, which means the developers will give different free content, including the Primogems.

The Genshin impact is full of activities, challenges, and quests to lead you to the reward. When you complete the task in the Adventure Handbook, go to the experience tab and get the 50 Primogems. And remember that you will not get paid when you do the individual tasks.

Moreover, you have to complete several achievements to exchange game currency. If you want to access the achievement list, open the games menu and choose the Achievement tab. Then here, you will see the 14 different categories. And you can also earn the rewards by finding the Domains, Teleport Waypoints, Chests, and status of seven.

Character Rarity Element Weapon Unlock Requirements
Amber 4-Star Pyro Bow Complete the Quest Wind-Riding Knight
Kaeya 4-Star Cryo Sword Complete the quest Crash Course
Lisa 4-Star Electro Catalyst Complete the Quest sparks among the pages.
Barbara 4-Star Pyro Polearm Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss.
Xiangling 4-star






Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss.


_ _ Sword _


· Unlock the Character From Banners-Final Way

Another way to get the characters in the genshin impact is to buy the banners and wishes. The fates are the currency used in the genshin impact to buy banners. There are three different kinds of banners available in genshin impact: limited character, limited weapons, and standard weapons. So, by using the wishes to try and get the characters and weapons you want from the banners.

From the banners, you will be able to unlock the various characters in the game, such as you can purchase a maximum of 20 banners for beginners. Each banner will give you something important, maybe a character or weapon. And the last level, 20, will definitely give you the Noel character.


The above steps will help you get the different characters in Genshin Impact. When you reach the 20 levels, it will help you get more characters in progress. Moreover, the best free character is Xiangling, and it is the hardest to pick up. Lots of players spend their real money to get the powerful characters. Let us know about your favorite character and how many hurdles you faced while getting it.