How to Game Share Xbox: All You Need to Know

Xbox is known for its cutting-edge games. And luckily, your friend happens to have one of these games, but you cannot afford it due to the steep price tag on the video game. Plus, the borrowing option is off the table, too, due to the game being in digital form. But this can be changed if you have the Xbox console; you can get the game via Game Share. This guide will give you a walkthrough on how to game share Xbox.

Game Share enables the Xbox users to share their collection of games, including exclusives, with their friends so that no one misses any of the best games on Xbox. Plus, sharing of digital library of games works in both ways.

Check how to set up Game Share in Xbox.

Note: Game Share involves sharing an account with the other person. So, ensure the other person is trustworthy because it involves sensitive information like passwords and account detail.

When you allow the sharing of the game library, the membership of Xbox Gold Live memberships also is shared with the other person. Hence, it will give both of you the benefits of Xbox Live Gold. Every model of XBOX, including their games, are compatible with Game Share.

Setting up game share requires you to ask a friend for their email and give them your email or phone number and your password.

How To Game Share on Xbox One and All Models

The following are the steps in how to game share on Xbox:

  1. Go to the guide by tapping on the Xbox HOME button on the controller
  2. Open the option of sign-in, scroll through to the ADD NEW
  3. Go to the ADD NEW, select it to include the other account
  4. Enter the friend’s account’s credentials
  5. Press NEXT to go to the next step before looking through the privacy statement document
  6. Put up the security credentials which you and your friend know exclusively
  7. Now press the main button of XBOX on the controller to open the dashboard, choose HOME from the options to get back to the main screen.
  8. Select Gamertags by scrolling to the left, which will enable you to get in your friend’s Gamertag to get into the account
  9. When sign-inin to your friend’s account, go to the guide, open it with the controller, and scroll to select the system menu.
  10. Open the settings, go to the personalization, and choose the option with the name of ‘MY HOME XBOX.’
  11. Select the option of ‘MAKE THIS MY HOME XBOX’ to set the console as your primary console.

Essential Tips About Xbox Game Share

Besides ensuring the mutual sharing of passwords remains safe, there are other important things to keep your eyes on.

  • The option of game sharing will be enabled with a pair of accounts. This means two accounts are needed to allow the Game Sharing
  • When you check the privacy statement, it allows Microsoft to block sharing whenever time in the future. Though this action may not be arbitrary or happen in no time soon. But indeed, it is a possibility.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox sharing game option is still ongoing. Yet, they do not have any plans to shelve it near future.
  • Game sharing happens via the digital library of games; therefore, physical copies of games will not work.
  • Plus, you have some edge as XBOX allows the changing of Xbox home account every five years. Which gives you the leverage in exchanging with someone for around five years.


Ultimately, Game Share is a perfect option for die-hard gamers to enjoy exclusive games with each other. This guide of how-to Game Share on Xbox will help you do game share easily.