How To Game Share On Ps5 (Sharing A Console with a Friend)

How interesting it is that you can play any digital games with your family friend on the same console, and you can also share a subscription of PlayStation. But here, the question is how we can game share on PS5. Do not worry. The blog will explain to you everything you need to know.

Moreover, it is an essential feature to share the game on modern consoles, as the PlayStation 4 allows them to set their consoles and share the game with whom they want to add. So the PS5 also comes with the feature of “Gameshare and offline play” and grants you access to the whole game library for the specific individual using the same consoles.

What is Console Sharing on PS5?

The game sharing feature in Playstation 5 allows you to share digital games with friends and family so they can play on their system as well. It means you are handing your disc to your friend. When you have enabled the game share option, the other PS5 console can access the person’s other digital games. So, the console sharing feature makes it convenient for users to play different games by sharing consoles. Moreover, it is relatively more expensive to buy the extra games.

When you want to start the games share, make sure you are logged into the primary PS network account. Next, you have to go to the settings on the right side of the console screen. After that, select the user’s account and select the offline play and sharing console. We will provide you with how to enable the console, so continue reading.

How to Enable Game Share on PS5

It is much easier to enable the gameshare option on PS5 than PS4. It allows you to expand your game library by trying new digital games using the Gameshare and offline play options. So here are the steps that help you enable the feature.

how to game share on ps5 to ps5
how to game share on ps5 to ps5
  • First, sign in to our Playstation Network account on PS5.
  • Select the Gear icon situated between the magnifying glass and your avatar to access the settings from the main menu.
  • Next, choose the users and accounts. Then, scroll down and check the other options.
  • After that, choose between console sharing and offline play. Then it will show you some text like “The option is enabled on PS5, which means you cannot share and need to select Disable.”
  • Next, log out of your Playstation Network account on PS5.
  • Again, log in with your PlayStation network on the console you want to share.
  • Go to the same menu and choose the “Don’t Disable the Console Sharing and Offline Play Menu.”
  • Next, sign out of your PlayStation network on the console.

Make sure that you share the game console with only one other person, so choose the person wisely. Because when you share the console with a person, they can access your entire library of games. Later, when you Gameshare with a person, they log back in through their PSN account and access any digital game from their PS5.

How to Share Game From PS5 to PS4

When you use the Ps5 and your friend has PS4, you want to gameshare with the friend from PS4 to PS5. So here are some steps that might help you share the game.

  • Go to the console of PS4 and add a new user and then sign in with PS5 email and password.
  • Then, open the account of the PS4 user and go to the settings. Next, go to the Account management.
  • From there, you can activate PS4 as the primary console for the PS5 account.
  • After that, from the account, go to the games library. Now you can access all the PS5 games.
  • Then, install the desired games of the PS5 account and turn them over to the PS4 account.
  • Next, you have access to the entire games of PS5, and you can play it on the PS4.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Game Share PS5

how to game share on ps4 to ps5
how to game share on ps4 to ps5

If you are actually playing games from the other account, you must download it when signed into the account. Go back to the main account and play the games freely when you do that. But, there is an exception: you have to connect through the internet to play the games that are present on the main account. Because you tied the PS5 console to the other account. So your main account needs to be online to grant access to the games.

In addition, you will also get the benefit of PlayStation Plus, with its service set of free games, if one account is accessed. As the gameshare feature is relatively straightforward, you have to know where and how the options on the PS5 work.


The Gameshare option makes it convenient for PS5 users to share games they own with their friends and family members. Ps5 allows users to play the game offline without an internet connection. The PSN account can be logged into more than one device, so that game purchases can also be played on various devices by the owner’s main account, making the games available to the other users.

Playstation 5 untangles the popular game sharing feature so you can access your friend’s game list. Let us know about your favourite PS5 game and share the blog with others to make them aware of the “Game share and offline play option”.