How to Find Bed Bugs during the Day (Unique Signs)

If you suddenly feel itches and rashes while having a sound sleep, then maybe you have got a bite from insect-like bed bugs. So, how to find bed bugs during the day to get rid of them? Then you are at the right place; in this article, you will gain the complete techniques for finding them. After that, apply some protective tips to avoid any health problems.

Usually, these tiny brown insects terrorize hotel visitors, even homeowners and apartment residents. Because they can live for a long time hidden between the couch cushions, folds of mattresses, and flooring; thus, it means it can be anywhere. However, many people don’t react instantly to bed bug bites. But it only happens once. When you get a full-scale infestation, then you will realize its seriousness. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye on bed bugs.

Sadly, bed bugs love to feed in the dark of the night. However, it seems practically possible to search for a solution to bed bugs at night as they are more active at that time, but not feasible to catch them when you are frustrated after a tough day’s routine. Hence, spend a few minutes on this page, and you will feel at ease about finding and preventing tips.

Find Bed Bugs during the Day

However, bed bugs are most active at night, but they can also be found during the day if you understand what they need to live their best lives. It contains a reliable source of food (maybe you), moderate surroundings (although they can survive in heat that is habitable for most people as well), and a dark place to put out of sight. Thus, let’s see some of the beg bud factors to think about:

  • Bed bugs stay close to sleeping spots.
  • Bed bugs don’t only feed on people.
  • Bed bug populations build
  • Bugs prefer fast food

·  Bed Bugs Stay Close to Sleeping Spots

While bed bugs are not always present in beds directly, they will stay close to where they can get a good meal. The insects can travel up to 20 feet from their hiding location, but not much farther. That is why they were found close to beds and couches, where people may regularly rest or sleep.

·  Bed Bugs Don’t Only Feed on People

Residential bed bugs can also target Fido and Fluffy. For the reason that pets have several different kinds of parasites, it is hard to believe that bed bugs might bite them. But if you and your family members observe itchy spots, then you should certainly consider it.

·  Bed Bug Populations Build Slowly

Though female bed bugs lay only three eggs daily, they can generally lay up to 500 in their lifetime, which is not more than a year. That’s why it might take time to realize you have a bed bug problem. Nevertheless, the more eggs that hatch, you will face more trouble.

·  Bugs Prefer Fast Food

Contrasting humans, feeding parasites like ticks, beg bugs feed resting creatures in less than 12 minutes, then they move somewhere to digest their meals. Among many reasons, one of the main reasons is that bugs are hard to catch in the act. Because they prefer to digest rather than stay in their safe hideouts. They only feed about once every two weeks. There is a chance of making that, but you have to connect the dots until populations bang.

Daytime Signs to Find Bed Bugs

mattress how to find bed bugs during the day
mattress how to find bed bugs during the day

Bed bugs are usually easy to spot at night when feeding, as mentioned above. Bed bugs are more active compared to people who sleep during the day. Hence, searching for these bloodsuckers during their rest time (daytime) is trickier but not impossible. They often leave a trail of traces. So, let’s see the pest control strategies that you can apply:

  • Dark, red, or rusty stains.
  • Eggs or eggshells in sheltered places.
  • Look for the bed bug’s exoskeleton shells
  • Bugs, those are alive.

·  Dark, Red, or Rusty Stains

Bed bugs leave stains on the back both after being crushed by sleeping bodies and from excrement, which means undigested blood. Moreover, crushed bugs may leave more irregular spots, and you may see close to dead bugs. Excrement is usually a little bigger than the end of a ballpoint and dark or rusty in color.

·  Eggs or Eggshells in Sheltered Places

Bed bugs are too tiny, measuring only about one millimeter, whitish or cream-colored, and often concealed in safe areas near food supplies. They can be hard to spot, especially on light-colored materials. So, make sure to break out the magnifying glass when chasing bed bugs.

·  Look for the bed bug’s exoskeleton shells

Bed bugs shed their exoskeletons when they grow. As in the bed bug life cycle, nymphs have a total of five moulds, and each leaves behind a more extensive skin. These tan-colored shells are regularly found in spots where bed bugs hide. They cannot shed their exoskeletons until they feed, so if they have bitten you, then look nearly for the useless shells.

·  Bugs Those Are Alive

Even though seeing bed bugs during the night is common while feeding, a severe infection may leave dozens of the little monsters moving quickly for cover any time of the day. So, to prevent an infestation, check out tight spaces like mattress seams, drawer joints between your bed and wall, and electrical boxes for living adult insects.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

When you find the bed bugs, then apply some protective steps to eliminate them. Hence, you can use any one of the steps according to your convenience:

  • Use mattress and box spring encasements. However, it is essential to use box spring covers. Though the box spring contains a lot of wood inside, that’s why there are plenty of hiding spots.
  • Another tip is; to use traps and monitors to catch and kill bed bugs. There are two kinds of traps; the first is passive traps, which actively collect bed bugs without attracting them. While the other one is an active trap, which actively lures bed bugs in.
  • Hire a bed bug sniffer dog, which is specially trained to chase bed bugs. It can easily happen if they are hiding in the wall’s cracks. But not all dogs can sniff bed bugs.
  • When you realize a bed bug has bitten you, call a professional to deal with it. You can also try some tips, but it’s better to hire a pest controller as they have all the equipment to solve your issue. At that moment, you can also get rid of other insects as well.
  • Some people take care of their home by themselves when they notice a bed bug, and other members supervise and wait until they find more. After that, they use some natural tricks to secure their home from insects. So you can also use any home remedy for that purpose.

Note: Follow the above tips to avoid more issues that you might face.


Health comes first, so it is better to be careful. For that purpose, you must take precautionary steps to avoid insects at your place. In all the above describing steps, you can use the tip of calling a professional rather than doing anything yourself. So, let us know your views about the blog by commenting.