How to Delete Ig Story (Amazing Tips)

Instagram is the most popular social media platform as this app is also used for marketing purposes. Where people post stories, and mostly your friends visit that part of your profile. But suddenly, you have changed your mind and thinking about how to delete Ig story? No worries, you just spend a few minutes, and efficiently you can remove the story.

Although an Instagram story is live only for a limited amount of time, that is 24 hours which is long enough for people to view it. In actuality, Ig stories are discoverable. It means people who don’t follow you on an app. Still, they can see your post through search or from their feed. It is better to move fast if you want to delete a story, as users will spot and access it in less than a minute.

Here, in this article, you will learn the methods to erase all types of Insta stories, like highlighting and promoting stories without difficulty, along with the deleting process of the post. So, move to the following section to see the ways.

Quick Steps for Deleting an Ig Story

how to delete ig story while uploading
how to delete ig story while uploading

Like most things on the app, deleting an Instagram story is very clear-cut. Your story will be deleted for good with a few taps. You cannot unpublish something, and there is no draft mode. You can only delete it once, and it’s gone, but it saves a copy in your Story Archive if you need it again. So, follow the below steps to delete a story:

  1. Open an Instagram app on your phone.
  2. At the top of the feed in the app, go to your story by clicking the Your story tab.
  3. If you have iPhone, then click on the three horizontal dots icon, while on Android, click on the three vertical dots icon in the bottom right of the photo or video that you want to erase.
  4. Now, click on the Delete option and click the Delete tab again to confirm.

Note: Your Insta story will not be longer live now. At the time of deleting, its copy will not be erased if someone had opened it at that time. That story will not be viewable when they close the story in the app.

Method to Delete an Ig Highlight Story

how to delete ig story highlight
how to delete ig story highlight

Insta Highlights keep a story about for longer than 24 hours. Basically, there is a permanent list of stories that you can access at any time from your profile. From your profile, if you want to erase a Highlight story and then apply the given steps and your wish will come true with a couple of taps:

  1. Go to your profile, and find the Highlight story that you want to remove.
  2. Long press on the Highlight story.
  3. In the popup menu, select the option Delete Highlight.
  4. At last, press on the Delete tab again to confirm.

Note: On deleting a highlight story, it will remove from all places but saved in Archive. So, to delete everlastingly, move to the next section to see the instructions.

Erase a Promoted Story

You can also erase a promoted story as well if you have a business account. However, you may do this process only if you delete the promotion.

  1. Navigate to your profile on the app and tap on the Promotions
  2. Below the promotion post which you want to erase, press on the View Insights
  3. Look for the Delete Promotion option by scrolling down on the screen.
  4. After removing the promotion, apply the method of deleting a story as described in the above section.

Method to Delete a Story from the Archive

If you are removing a story from your profile, you must remove it from Instagram Archive, like cleaning a house or eliminating evidence. Usually, every story you have posted on your Insta account will automatically save as a copy in your Archive story. Still, it’s not viewable by others until you post it as a highlight. Still, if you want to delete it from the Archive story, apply the following steps:

  1. To go on your profile picture, tap on the profile picture in the bottom right.
  2. After that, in the upper right corner of your profile, tap on the triple line
  3. Now, tap on the timer icon Your activity and select the story you want to delete.
  4. After selecting the story, click on the three ellipses icon from the bottom right.
  5. Select the Delete tab; tap again on the Delete option to confirm.

Note: Keep in mind that while deleting an Archive story, it removes all its copies from other places on Insta entirely where you have shared, even from highlights too.

In Conclusion

Instagram photo or video on the story is the best way to share your thinking. This way also creates social relations, and it is a great way to make creative content for friends. Moreover, people will follow your profile if it’s inspiring. Sometimes, it happens that you want to delete the Ig story. So, I hope the above method to erase the story is quite fruitful for you to apply. For further help, you can also contact to the help center on Instagram. So, let us share your thoughts about the article in the comment box.