How to Fix Acer Monitor No Signal Issue?

In this guide, we have spelled out the steps in this easy-to-understand guide on how to fix the Acer monitor no signal issue.

What is Acer Monitor No Signal Issue?

This Acer Monitor No Signal is one of the most issues linked with the monitors of Acer. The ‘No Signal’, issue often appeared when the user turned on the monitor. Due to this error of the Acer monitor, it affects the desktop of Windows, irrespective of its connection to the error.

The issue of ‘No Signal’ in the Acer monitor is largely due to the hardware problem in the monitor. This issue mostly comes with an internal malfunction either in the monitor or in the computer. Many other reasons are also cited for the rise of this issue; however, incorrect input sources can be the main reason behind this issue as they failed to connect with other devices such as gaming consoles and monitors.

There is also a possibility of this issue arises when your system is in sleep mode. If so this case, then simply turn off the sleeping mode of the computer. The other probably reason cited in this issue may be the dislocation of the graphic card, which should be in place in the right slot.

Let’s check out solutions to make this issue go away for good.

How To Fix Acer Monitor No Signal Issue?

There are various methods to solve the issue of the ‘Acer Monitor No Signal.’

Look for the Input Source

Often the said error is said to be largely attributed to the wrong input source. There are several input sources are available in the monitors such as VGA, DVI, DP, and HDMI. This helps several devices to connect to the monitor simultaneously.

  1. Switch on your system together with the monitor
  2. Go to the Menu present on the display’s corner side
  3. Open Input Source and choose the right source
acer monitor says no signal
acer monitor says no signal

Evaluate the cable of Acer Monitor

This error can be caused by the comprised cable connection which may be either damaged or loose between the monitor and the system. Check the monitor cable to ensure there is no problem with the cable. In order of any damage, replace the cable with a new one.

Switch off the Sleep Mode

There is a possibility to some degree that this issue may be caused by the system ‘Sleep Mode.’ To fix this issue, switch off the Sleep Mode. The simple method of ending the sleeping mode of your system is to press any key on the keyboard.

Do Reset Factory

To perform the factory, reset the following steps needs to be taken:

  1. External Monitor must be connected
  2. Switch ON the computer of Acer
  3. Press theseinstructions Windows + P which will open the Easy Display and there click on Computer Only
  4. Switch off the computer while detaching your monitor
  5. Now restart your computer

Graphics Card in Place

Often this issue surfaced when the graphic card is not rightly placed in position:

  1. Switch off the computer to detach each cable
  2. Open the CPU and re-attach the graphic card to its place
  3. Plugin the computer before properly reconnecting the graphic card to the motherboard
  4. Press and hold the power button for about half a minute to stream the cord back to the power supply to switch on the system

Get the latest Graphics Card Driver

The ‘Acer Monitor No Signal’ issue can also be caused by either a corrupted or old graphic card driver. Simply remove the old graphic card driver from your system and install the latest version of it in its place. An external monitor is used use here because it causes no issue. As soon as the driver gets updated, plug Acer Monitor in. Graphic Driver cards can be updated by other means too, such as ‘The Automatic Driver Update Tool.’ The software is useful as it installs and updates the latest Windows driver in your system.