10 Tips to Help Make SEO a Part of Your Social Company

Social media has the potential of sending a massive amount of traffic to any website or blog. People use it in different ways and for different reasons but when you get right down to it, it builds traffic, relationships and your brand.

The same can also be said for search engine optimization. If you have a company that is taking advantage of social networks, including Facebook, twitter and Pinterest, the following 10 tips will help you to make the most out of what the search engines have to offer.

1. Keywords – There has always been a lot of talk about keywords and the importance of using them when optimizing any page or website. At one time, SEO focused on a single keyword but today, you can focus on a broad range of keywords that fit into the needs of the user. This would include both single word keywords and longtail keywords phrases.

2. Keywords (again) – Some people will focus the bulk of their keyword research for use on their website or blog. In many cases, however, you can rank your social content as well. This gives you the 1-2 punch that provides you with additional users and builds traffic across multiple platforms. It always helps to be diversified, and spreading out your keywords across multiple platforms is the best way to do it.

3. Social signals – Try not to focus too much on social signals when it comes to getting traffic from Google. They may or may not pay attention to social signals but in many cases, your efforts are best spent elsewhere. When you have a social company, the social signals are going to automatically follow. You would be much better off diversifying your link building strategy through other methods.

4. Linking – There has been a lot of talk in recent months over the benefits of social links when it comes to optimizing your webpage. The algorithms are constantly changing in Google, but there are also algorithms focused on the social platforms as well. When you have a social post and it goes viral on Facebook, the links may or may not give an additional boost to your website. What it will do, however, is boost your social media traffic and that has benefits all of its own.

5. Profiles – Individual social posts may or may not achieve traction in the search engines, but they will help to build the overall strength to your social media profile. Those social profiles can certainly gain rankings within Google and it will help to build your brand and your traffic.

6. Think outside of the Google Box – Google may have the bulk of the search traffic but the social media networks are certainly powerful search engines all of their own. People may not use the social networks to search for things that they want to buy, but they do search for things they want to follow. Pay attention to your rankings in the social media networks. It can make a difference.

7. Don’t Ignore Bing – As we discussed in the previous tip, Google does have the bulk of the search traffic. If you gain good listings in Bing, however, you can also receive a landslide of traffic as well. Never ignore the smaller search engines, because they do matter.

8. Think to the future – Although Google may or may not pay attention to social signals at this particular time, that doesn’t mean that it is never going to be a part of the algorithm. Paying attention to your social signals now may give you the opportunity to gain some serious traction when Google gets on board with the social networks.

9. Local Search – There is a lot to be said about local search, and it can benefit you in optimizing your social status as well. If you own a social company that relies on local traffic, take advantage of the high percentage of consumers who are searching for what you have to offer on Google. Update the details about your business and take the time to rank your website for maximum local traffic.

10. Branding – Search engine traffic is not only about getting direct traffic to make the sale or a lead, it is also about strengthening the brand of your business as well. Social media has always offered a very powerful way to brand your business, and you can bring the search engines on board when you optimize your business for that purpose. You can brand yourself through your social media profiles or through the specific posts. Be sure that everything points back toward your brand and you will achieve a greater level of success.

Many social companies tend to separate what they do on the social networks and what they do for optimizing for the search engines. Although they may be two different entities in some cases, they can actually work very powerfully together to increase your traffic, your brand and your bottom line.

The best thing you can do for your business is to bring on a SEO professional to help guide you through the process. Not only can they help to optimize your business to rank well in Google and the other search engines, they also can be a powerful force to improve your social status and standing as well. It is one way that you can take full advantage of everything the Internet has to offer to your business.